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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buskers Festival 2012

During the Jan Penkowski gathering, Ethan's daddy told Daddy that the Buskers Festival at Sentosa is really good.  It is a festival where international buskers from around the world would come together and perform.

So on the last day of the festival, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to take a look, together with 爷爷, 奶奶 (and 姑姑 joined us later).

We went in 爷爷 car to RWS and parked there.  Since the Buskers Festival starts from 4 pm, and we wanted to avoid the afternoon sun, we reached Sentosa at about 5 pm.

Taking photos with the posters and some artefacts

Merlion turns 40 this year !!!

Deep in thoughts 

We reached the place where the performance was going to start at 530 pm

And we grabbed a place in front just to get a good view.  The busker trying to take advantage of the lady audience.

One of his special skills.

While watching the performance, I kept laughing throughout, because it was so funny

We had dinner at the Malaysian Food Street after the performance

Place looked nice, but not the food.  Chicken rice balls were too dry and hard, and the claypot rice did not taste authentic (just added rice into the claypot).  The cuttlefish kangkong also did not taste good.  The fried kway teow tasted good although portion was small.   We had dessert, and that could not have gone wrong.

After dinner, we went to the next performance place to watch another busker get ready for her performance, while I enjoyed my ice-cream

The hula hoop busker, using all parts of her body to manipulate the hoop

The busker then selected 4 audience from the crowd to perform with her and Daddy was one of them

 First, testing if the 4 selected hunky guys (haha) knew how to hula hoop .... and Daddy failed terribly

And the finale of her performance, a hoop with fire !!!

While going to our 3rd performance, we saw the merlion laser show  

And our last performance for the evening ... a super strong lady from USA !!! And yes, she can do stunts that most guys cannot do

I did not laugh throughout the show, and Mummy thought I was bored.  But in fact, I was listening very attentively on what the lady said, and kept asking Mummy what the words meant (she was using some BIG words). 

 Evil Nick appeared to challenge her to a book tearing competition

We left Sentosa island at about 945 pm, feeling satisfied. Unfortunately, it was the last day of the Buskers Festival, otherwise, we would come back the following to watch the remaining performances.  Parking fee was $22+, and 爷爷 could use his points to get free parking.

The next morning, I slept till 9 am, including Daddy and Mummy .... haha


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