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Saturday, September 22, 2012

K2 Confidence Camp

Have been waiting for 21 Sep to come .... because I do not have to go to school in the morning !!! Instead, I will report to school at 5 pm, because it is the K2 Confidence Camp.  And that means, I get to stay overnight in school, away from Daddy and Mummy for one night !!! COOL !!! And that was the reason why Daddy and Mummy could go and enjoy themselves on Fri evening without me as the light bulb

So Mummy took leave that day, and arranged with Auntie Winnie (Joel's Mummy) and Olivia's grandmother to bring us (the kids) to the library in the morning.  See the happy trio ....

Then we went for lunch together, before we went back home to prepare for our evening camp. 

Took a one hr nap before I packed my stuff in my big bag (yes, Mummy refused to help me, since I needed to be responsible for myself to ensure I took all the required stuff according to the list given).  Each of us has a K2 Confidence Camp T-shirt that we would have to wear for the camp.  When I wore my T-shirt, it was pretty big for me.  Then I asked Mummy : wouldn't that become a dress for Olivia ?? Haha.

Ready to set off to school ....

And I tried to carry my BIG bag .... super heavy (can see from my expression)

I tried calling Daddy on his mobile so that I can talk to him before I went to school.  Unfortunately, Daddy was stuck in a meeting, so could not speak to me .... *sob* *sob*.  Actually, Daddy wanted to leave office a little earlier than usual to meet me in school (should say leave office on time, since Friday, the working hours are slightly earlier), but he was stuck in a last minute meeting.

Anyway, told Mummy that Daddy and Mummy must be there on Saturday morning to pick me up from my camp ....

So on Saturday morning, Daddy and Mummy reached school at 915 am to pick me up.  And then Ms Kristy and 周老师 told them that I slept only after midnight !!! Think I was too excited or not used to sleeping in a new environment, so I kept waking up and looking around.  Even when all my friends were asleep, I would just sit up and "talk" to myself .... haha.  And poor Ms Kristy and 周老师  could not have a good sleep as well.  And I was the first to walk up the following morning.  Looks like I would be a zombie on Saturday .... need to force myself to sleep in the day.

But I was so excited that I told Daddy about my camp when I reached home before I forced myself to sleep.  Told him about the obstacle course that we had .... blindfolded, and going through each station to taste the food and figure out what that was ... there was ribena drink, gummy sweet, and onions !!! Yucks.  Then we played water bombs and 周老师 instigated us to bomb Ms Kristy. Haha

And night time, we had campfire in the school compound.  A real fire, where we gathered around and started singing campfire songs !!!  The entire activity lasted till about 10 pm, before the teachers put us to bed.  But my adrenaline kept me awake till after midnight .... haha

Was a really fun experience, especially when I get to stay outside of home with all my friends. 

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