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Friday, September 7, 2012

Interesting Conversations

One evening, when I reached home, I started this conversation with Mummy

Me : Mummy, Ms Kristy had a bad headache in school

Mummy : (looking at me in disbelief.... well known as a paparazzi in school, but to know that Ms Kristy has a bad headache is another matter) You children must be too noisy in class and therefore Ms Kristy has a headache

Me : No, not because of us.

Mummy : How do you know ?

Me : We are very noisy everyday but Ms Kristy also never has headache everyday

Mummy : (looking at me speechless .... should have expected this answer from a well known debator )

Another occasion, we were chatting about 宋老师 and Ms Kristy。Ms Kristy is generally more stern and stricter than 宋老师.  When I was younger and still needed afternoon nap in school, Ms Kristy will try to make sure the children in my class catch our nap, and not chit chat among ourselves.  So she will occasionally drop by during nap time just to check.  So I remembered there was one time during our afternoon nap, when Ms Kristy has stepped out of our classroom, my classmates and I started to whisper and chit chat softly. 

Then we heard footsteps (and that meant someone was coming).  So we quickly stopped chatting and pretended to sleep.  I happened to be the first to peek who was coming in.  And once I saw the teacher was 宋老师, I quickly told my classmates

"是宋老师啦,不用怕". I was like the 带头老大, haha

When  宋老师 heard that, she said "真不给面子" ... haha

I related that to Mummy, and she laughed her head off.

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