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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival - Central @ Clarke Quay

On Sunday evening, we decided to go to Central @ Clarke Quay to take a look at the lantern display (to compare that against the Chinese Garden exhibit).

Luckily, that evening was not as humid compared to the previous day.  Arranged to meet up with
爷爷, 奶奶 and  姑姑 there.  叔叔 went for a short getaway and not back in Singapore yet.

Took my lantern along to take photos

And as usual, every year, we will take photos against the animals. The year of Dog ....

Mummy belongs to the year of Snake

Dragon year for Daddy ... 犯太岁

Year of Tiger for 姑姑

And I quickly dragged 爷爷 and  奶奶 to the year of Rat

But the other animals were pretty well designed

Since I still have school the next day, we went home pretty early.  Conclusion : a better deal than Chinese Garden exhibit

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