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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mid Autumn Festival - Chinese Garden

Daddy's company has some cheaper tickets to the Chinese Garden Mid Autumn Festival event, so he bought some tickets to bring 表妹 and I to celebrate the festival.  公公 went along, and we decided to give 舅舅 and 舅母 a break so that they can enjoy some couple time.

Had an early dinner at home, before we set off to Chinese Garden at 715 pm.  When we reached there, 表妹 was overwhelmed by the crowd and dazzling lights that she got uncomfortable and kept wanting to go home.  So Daddy had to carry 表妹 and pacify her, while Mummy and 公公 took me around.  After some soak time, 表妹 felt better, and agreed to take some photos with me.  We took our lanterns along

The big lantern display when we first went into Chinese Garden

Then 表妹 got a little cranky and so Daddy had to pacify her while I decided to get some more photos taken

表妹 joined me, after Daddy promised her that we will go home soon, after getting our free lantern (candle type)

The wishing tree ... need to spend $10 to buy a token to write our wishes and then throw the token up in the tree ... we decided to give that a miss, but just took photos

We went to get our candle type free lanterns, and then lit the candles.  Both 表妹 and I took one each to walk around

But as the candle in my lantern slowly burnt away, one drop of wax droped on my leg accidentally though a hole in the base of the lantern. And then I cried for a while, and refused to take the lantern anymore.  Daddy tried to get the wax off my leg, but I simply refused to let anyone touch my leg.  In the end, I took the wax off after 5 mins or so.

Then we decided our battery operated type lanterns were safer.

We went to the 7 storey pagoda.  Wanted to go up the pagoda, but it was closed.  Shall come to the garden next time before 7 pm to climb up the pagoda and look at the nice view from the top.

The paper lion lantern ... and 2 pretending-to-be-fierce lions

More photos with the lantern displays

And there were displays of dragons from different dynasty .... some fat, some really skinny ....

But the best part of the tour had to be the fun I had at the mobile theme park ... rowing a boat on water.  I played for 2 rounds

The inflatable playground.  Daddy managed to convince 表妹 to go in with me, very quickly, she regretted and wanted to get out.  Daddy managed to get her to just jump around with him holding onto her

And at 9 pm, we waited eagerly for the fireworks to go off .... nothing too fanciful about the fireworks (cannot be compared to those during the NDP), but good enough for me.  表妹 was intimidated by the loud noises, and Mummy had to bring her away from the firework display area

After the firework display, we decided to go home.  Getting out of the carpark was a nightmare ... we spent almost 30 mins before we could get out onto the main road !!!!

Overall, the trip was not really worth the ticket price.  Nothing extraordinary, and coupled with the carpark jam, think the lantern display at Central @ Clarke Quay is good enough

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