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Friday, July 20, 2012

Will I Overcome My Fear ?

Will I overcome my fear ???

On Thurs evening, as usual, before bedtime, I went to brush my teeth.  After I brushed my teeth, I went into the study and then hugged Daddy and cried !!! Daddy was shocked and asked me what happened.  He was afraid that I have accidentally injured myself.

Then I told Daddy that I thought of something very scary and therefore cried.  Daddy tried to calm me down and find out from me what the scary thought was, and I told him that it was during my FastTrack lesson in school, and the lesson was scary .... and I told Daddy that I cannot tell him anymore, otherwise I would cry again.

So Daddy told Mummy to give a call to Ms Kristy to find out a little more over the phone.  And this was what happened.  The theme for this week was around emotions, and how different movies would evoke different emotions.  So during FastTrack lessons, Ms Kristy showed snapshots of various types of movies (comedy, thrillers, horror movies etc) to show us the different feelings. And when it was the horror movie part, it was showing a haunted house (cartoon type, not those adult horror movies).  Immediately I kept really quiet (feedback from Ms Kristy), which is very unusual for me since I would always be raising my hands to participate and talk quite a bit.  But I kept quiet .... and I told Daddy that I even told my classmates nearby that the movie was scary and I was about to cry soon .... but in the end, I fought back my tears.  In fact, according to Ms Kristy, my other classmates were quite active, and some even requested to playback the movie, since they did not catch certain parts !!!

So somehow, while I was brushing my teeth that night, I thought of the haunted house and was scared .... and started crying at home.  After Daddy and Mummy calmed me down, I got better.  But I requested for the table lamp to be switched on for that day while I slept.

No bad guy shows, not even Madagascar type (Daddy and Mummy already knew that) ... and definitely no horror type movies.  Must be Tom and Jerry type whereby no one will get injured at all !!!

Hope as I grow up, I will outgrow my fear soon ....

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