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Monday, July 2, 2012

KL Trip - Day 2 (Sunway Lagoon)

The next day, I woke up at about 7+ am since I was too excited to sleep.  And the Sunway Lagoon themepark does not open until 11 am.  So I had my breakfast in the hotel, watching TV programs.  Then we decided to explore the surroundings .... Saw a canopy walk to Sunway University - a private university set up by a Malaysian Chinese

The surrounding shops, just outside our hotel

And then we went for second round of breakfast (more for Daddy and Mummy) at Old Town White Coffee.

And the reason to go there fore breakfast, was to try their nasi lemak, with rendang chicken, and sambal sotong (more like cuttlefish)

And I ordered steam bread, with kaya and butter

And at 11 am, we went in the themepark to start our adventure for the day.  Decided to explore the Adventure Land first.  So we started off with some mild kiddy rides .... nothing too thrilling for the faint hearted Kuan family .... haha

And can we pass off as real cowboys ???

Help !!! Don't execute us !!!

And talking about faint hearted, we witnessed the Vikings ... and gosh, it went 360 degrees, vertically up in the sky for a few seconds, before it came back down !!! Daddy and Mummy's hearts were going to pop out, just by looking from a distance .... cannot imagine what will happen if they were on board.

We went to the Wild Life park.  And it was like a mini zoo and bird park ... with really exotic animals, birds, insects and reptiles ....

But the best part of the park was the pet village ... because I get to feed the pets !!! First, the rabbits ..

Then the hamsters

And while waiting for the educational animal show to start at 3 pm, I changed into our swimming costume (ready to go to the water park after the show).  Munching my gummy sweets ....

Touching the animals after the show ... but not the snake !!! Daddy touched the snake though ...

And to complete the day, another round at the water park !!! I just cannot get sick of water fun !!!

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