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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ethan's Birthday Party

Saturday was Ethan's birthday party, and he invited the class to celebrate this 6th birthday with him at CSC function room.  We reached the place at about 220 pm together with Joel and family.  Met Theodore and family at the carpark.

Since the magic show was only scheduled at 3 pm, so we decided to go for body painting.  And I chose to have a beautiful mermaid painted on my arm .... see the little details of the mermaid. 

Camille had a giraffe painted on her arm as well.  In fact, Ethan was so obsessed with military stuff that he had his face painted with camouflage colours and wore the army uniform as well.  His Daddy said ever since he brought Ethan to the Army Open House in Jun 2012, Ethan was completely obsessed with army ....

The magician came promptly at 3 pm, and we started the magic show.  My Funny was so hilarious that he had all of us laughing throughout the 30 mins show. Engaged all the kids every moment.

Even the adults were entertained by the magic tricks

Time to sing the birthday song and cut the cake.  All the kids gathered around the birthday boy, ready to take a photo.  From Daddy's angle, Ethan was blocked by Wei Hong. Haha

While the kids were having fun, the adults were catching up with one another (birthday parties are usually the time for parents to catch up with one another).  And the hot topic for the month is ..... Pri 1 registration !!!
Happy Birthday Ethan

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