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Sunday, July 1, 2012

KL Trip - Day 1 (Sunway Lagoon)

We decided to go for our KL trip in early Jul before Daddy gets too busy towards the end of the year to take leave, and I get too busy with my graduation rehearsals.  So Daddy and Mummy made all the bookings online for our 5 day KL trip.

We decided to take the coach to KL, and instead of the usual coach, we took the AeroLine, which is a double decker coach, with the lower deck as the lounge, and the upper deck is where we sit.  We had to take the coach at Harbourfront. 

And this was my seat, with my own TV screen.

Having fun ....

And entertaining myself with cartoons throughout the journey

After 5 hours, we finally reached our hotel, ready to check in.

This is how our hotel lobby looks like.

Our room .... and I was looking down to see how the surroundings looked like

Since the weather was quite sunny, we decided to go to the water park.  Daddy only bought online tickets for tomorrow, so we had to pay a little more to buy tickets at the counter.

And we spent 3 hours at the water park, before we decided to break for the day.  After a good shower, we went for dinner at Sushi King.  And gosh, the ice-cream was incredibly cheap !!! Even the sushi.

I ordered kiddy meal (udon and sushi), and I ordered chawanmushi also

Mummy ordered her tempura set

And Daddy, his yaki tori set

After a delicious dinner, we walked around the shopping mall ... and took some photos

Because I took a power nap on the bus, I was relatively wide awake, before Daddy and Mummy had to 'force' me to go to bed.  And before I went to bed, I took another look at the night scene of Sunway Lagoon ...beautiful lightings ...

Ready to go for another round of adeventure at Sunway Lagoon the next day

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