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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Concept of Money

This week, we are learning the concept of money in school.  Everyday, each of us is supposed to bring the required amount of money in the specified denomination to school.  And the reason is we need to pay for our lunch.  And for the excess money, we would need to bring back home and save it in my piggy bank.  One normal serving of lunch cost 50 cents.  Each extra serving will cost additional 10 cent.  Each serving of fruits will also cost 10 cents.

And Ms Kristy told Daddy that because I need to pay for lunch, I have been eating quite a lot in school. Kept wanting to pay for extra servings. Haha.  So I spent an average of about 70 cents in school.  1 extra serving of rice and 2 servings of fruits, on top of my normal serving.  Good way to grow sideway a little ...

But I am most excited about my excursion to the supermarket.  Would need to bring my own EZLink card so that we can take public transport.  And we would need to bring our pocket money (each person to bring $5) so that we can pay for the items that we are going to buy.  Daddy and Mummy can also ask me to buy 'grocery' there, if they want.  So does that mean, I get to buy sweets over there ???

Of course not.  We will be using our pocket money to buy food material to prepare for our "Healthy Steamboat Lunch", consistent with the Chinese theme on "Healthy Eating".  That obviously rules out sweets, since they do not belong to the theme.  Sigh ....

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