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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Met Up with 宋老师

When 宋老师 came back from Shanghai, she gave Mummy a call to find out how I was doing.  So on Saturday after my CMA lesson (did not have my ballet lesson since it was term break), we went to meet up with 宋老师 at JP for lunch.

And it was great meeting up with 宋老师 again, as I told her about my Kidzania trip and showed her the videos that Daddy had taken on his iPhone.  Explained to her what each video was about.  And after lunch, 宋老师 wanted to go and get a present for her nephew. Since Daddy and Mummy wanted to do some grocery shopping, I decided to follow 宋老师 instead.  After 30 mins, Daddy and Mummy were done with their groceries and went to pick me up.  And 宋老师 told them that I make a really good sales person. Haha.  Reason was, when 宋老师 was shopping for the present, I kept asking her for more information about her nephew (eg. how old he was, does he like Ben Ten etc), so that I can give her my opinion about what present to buy (just wanted to make sure she bought the right present) .... haha.

This time 宋老师 would be staying in Singapore for quite a while, so would have opportunities to meet up again.  Maybe, next time, will get Joel and Breanna along as well. 

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