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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

KL Trip - Day 3 (Kidzania)

On Day 3, we left Sunway Lagoon and checked into another hotel (One World) so that we were staying near Kidzania.  Took the hotel taxi with a flat rate of RM50.  And the taxi driver was great in navigating his way around, to avoid all the city jam.

So we reached One World Hotel at about 945 am and checked in.  We took another metered taxi to Kidzania (which is located at The Curve NX).  Pretty near (took about 5 mins or so) and cost only RM7.

The Kidzania is somewhat like the Baby Boss, that I went to when I was in Taiwan, so I knew exactly what I was getting into.  When we stepped right into the building, it was as-if we were checking into the airport (sponsored by Air Asia).  Collected our 'boarding pass', and we went to Level 5 to check in.

And we exchanged our 'boarding pass' at the CIMB bank to collect our money (known as kidzos)

I had 50 kidzos to start off with

First profession .... at the KPJ Specialist Hospital, where I learnt to be a surgeon at the operating theatre

Next one, I wanted to be a flight attendant.  I just loved to push the trolley around, serving people.  In fact, in the afternoon, I went back to try out how to be a pilot and fly the aeroplane

My next profession was a house painter (sponsored by Nippon Paint).  Donned in my painter suit, I started to paint the walls blue.  See how serious I was at work. Daddy told me later that they changed the paint colour to green for the next batch of kids .... so layers of paint over one another... will the paint eventually get so thick that it will just drop off ??? Haha

Next up was to learn to be a chef, making sardine sandwich.  Have to pay Kidzos for this lesson, and in the end, I did not eat my sandwich.  Left it to Daddy and Mummy to try out my 'cooking' skills

I wanted to be a magician, and learn to perform a magic trick.  And when I came out 20 mins later, I refused to tell Daddy and Mummy what magic trick I have learnt (magician's code of honour).... in reality, I did not know what I learnt either. Haha

I saw the "Ting Academy" and I was happy that it was named after me !!! Only to realize that the letters "A" and "C" dropped off ... should be Acting Acedemy instead. Haha. Anyway, decided I wanted to try out being an actress and perform on stage.  So I signed up for that

Putting on my costume ... supposed to be Alice (as in Alice in the Wonderland).  And the other kids were dressed up in various characters' costumes

And it was time for our performance at the Theatre

See Mummy sitting patiently for the performance to start

And since I loved wearing pretty clothes, I wanted to try out modelling.  Lessons first, before I hit the stage for the actual performance

All the models on stage at the end of the show !!!

I went back to Nippon Paint area to be a construction worker (queue was too long in the morning).  While the big brother was explaining the tools to me, I actually asked questions to learn more .... haha

And the building began !!! Just like LEGO !!!! Haha

The supermart !!! So what profession should I try out ???

Yes, the cashier .

Since I love Japanese food, I thought I would be better off learning how to make sushi at Sushi King, instead of making sardine sandwiches.

My box of sushi that I made by myself .... and yummy yummy.

And this is a simple guess ... a dentist !!!

A car mechanic, so that next time I can service Daddy's car (that is, if Daddy trusts my skills)

And the last profession of the day, a police woman !!! I was supposed to perform a task based on what was written on a card.

And Daddy saw this in front of the theatre .... doesn't it look familiar ?

Having tried out 14 professions in a day, I managed to accumulate 125 Kidzos dollars .... hard earned money, that I went to the gift shop to buy things that I liked.  Since each gift cost 50 Kidzos, I bought 2 items, one for myself and one for 表妹

We left Kidzania at 5 pm (their closing time), and went back to our hotel to rest for a while before going for our dinner.  And after dinner, we went to buy some bread for breakfast tomorrow.  I saw this chocolate bear bun and I wanted to buy that for breakfast. And then I told the bear "You will be dead tomorrow, I am going to eat you up. Haha".

Mummy heard that and laughed ... and she told Daddy what I said .... haha

I slept quite early that night ... about 830 pm and I thought I dreamt.

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