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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

National Orchid Garden Excursion

Since 公公 and Daddy have not been to the National Orchid garden, we decided to go there on Sunday while it was still free for Singaporeans.  Went in the morning so that the weather was not that hot yet.

Taking a photo behind the mini waterfall ....

And the entrance of the garden. 

Aren't I cute, with my little sunglasses on ?

Enjoying the scent of the flowers

And gosh, what was that ???

Applying what I have learnt in modelling school

There was a cool house inside the garden.  So we decided to take a look, hoping that the place was air-conditioned

And it was !!! And at specific timing of the day, there will be water mist spraying at the plants !!!!

And see my wet hair when I came out of the cool house

Luckily, there was Daddy who can carry me around when I was tired ....

And the various species of orchids found in the garden .... simply beautiful

Oops, not exactly an orchid.  Daddy was explaining to me how this plant can trap insects and extract the nutrients out of them ....

After my trip, we went to Ghim Moh market for a delicious lunch, before returning home

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