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Saturday, June 9, 2012

K2 Parent Teacher Meeting

On Saturday afternoon, Daddy and Mummy went to meet up with Ms Kristy and 周老师 to go over my progress in school.

Overall, my learning progress is pretty good, able to pick things up fast.  Also willing to help the teachers and my fellow classmates.  But the teachers highlighted that I cannot sit still in my seat during class ... can sit in one location, and the next moment (few minutes later), I was seen sitting in another location !!! But surprisingly, I was still able to capture what the teachers have taught ... haha.  The teachers have seen some improvement in that in the last 6 months ... but I still need more discipline to sit still for lessons (especially when P1 comes)

The other improvement that I need is to really spend time beautifying my work.  When I was given a piece of work (eg. do some art and craft work like drawing), I was usually one of the first to complete my work.  But the quality of work was not really good.  Eg. when asked to draw a character I like best, I just drew the character, and nothing else, while others would spend some time drawing the character and beautifying with some clouds, flowers etc.  I just want to be the first to complete and work .... sigh.  So need constant reminder to rework .. hope this will improve over time

Daddy took some craft work that I did in school

Overall, nothing significant that Daddy and Mummy need to worry about .... hooray !!!

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