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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Celebrate Daddy's Birthday

Daddy's actual birthday is on Saturday, so Mummy and I planned to celebrate his birthday on Friday evening by going out to have a nice dinner, and celebrate his birthday on Saturday with the rest of the family members.

Unfortunately, I developed a fever (about 39 degC) on Friday afternoon, and so Daddy had to bring me to see a doctor in the afternoon, and then stayed home.  So coincidental !!!

Fortunately, after 3 doses of fever-subsiding medication, my fever came down on Saturday morning, so it was still in time to celebrate Daddy's birthday !!!! Phew !!!

I drew a birthday card for Daddy a few days back (made sure Daddy was not at home or was busy having night telecons so that he did not see me preparing the card).

On Saturday, 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑 came over to our place in the afternoon.  叔叔 was down with flu so he could not join us.  Mummy wanted to cook Thai food for dinner (green curry, pineapple rice etc), but 奶奶 tummy was not feeling well, so we decided to go out for some simple fare at JCube.

Then we came back for some durian (we bought them on the way back), and then eat the cake that 姑姑 bought

Happy birthday, Daddy !!! And I made Daddy sleep with me that night (by squeezing with me in my single bed) .... haha.

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