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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Angry Bird Game

Since I was still recovering from my fever, I had to skip Daddy's company family day at Universal Studio.  To entertain myself, I took out the Angry Bird toy that I bought from Bintan for $8 and play.

While waiting for Daddy to join me for the game, I went to YouTube on my TV and searched for Angry Bird videos ....

The way to play is to same as the Angry Bird game in iPhones and iPads.  Level 1 ....

Level 1 was easy. Managed to hit the Pig at the first try.  Then came level 2.  Still easy for me to hit all the pigs down

Then level 3.  Since we did not have enough Pigs, we used the 3rd square block to be the 3rd Pig.

Was not successful at the first round (with 4 angry birds).

But the second round, I managed to clear level 3 !!!!

Isn't that fun to bring the Angry Bird game into real life ???

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