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Friday, October 5, 2012

Trip to JB - Bukit Indah

On Children's Day, Daddy and Mummy took leave to bring me out to celebrate.  So we decided to drive up to JB - Bukit Indah.  Daddy and Mummy can do stock up the Sebamed shampoo and my shower oil, while I can go and play at the indoor playground and do sand art.

Well prepared for the trip.  We took the Tuas Checkpoint because Bukit Indah is about 20 mins drive from the checkpoint. All the way using the highway, and very near Legoland.

There was a little jam at the Checkpoint, which took about 30 mins.  But after that, traffic was prety smooth, and we reached the shopping mall at around 1045 am.  So walked around to explore the shopping mall, and bought some clothings and shampoo.  Have to emphasize, 50% off the price per bottle after currency conversion ... Took a ride which cost only $0.40 !!!

We took lunch at 汤师傅 and the bill came out to be about RM90 or equivalent to S$36.  I had abalone mee sua with herbal stock, Mummy took the scallop, mushroom mui fan, while Daddy had porridge.  Then we ordered a plate of spinach, and a claypot chicken with chinese wine. Yummy ...

And after lunch, it was time for my indoor playground.  Quite a small one, with inflatable for me to bounce around.

After 30 mins of bouncing around, I went to do my sand art.  Chose a little mermaid (princess) for my sand art. See how serious I was at work.

We left JB at about 345 pm, and reached home at about 430 pm. 

Was an enjoyable Children's Day for me ....

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