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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ClubMed Bintan Trip - Day 3

Day 3 started with trapeze activity again.  This time, Mummy wanted to catch me in action, so she convinced me to go for one round.  Daddy went for his monring swim since the sun was great.  But when it was my turn, Daddy quickly dropped by to give me his suport (since the pool was just beside the trapeze). 

Third experience did not convince me that I needed another try, so I decided to go for my tightrope walking experience. Haha. Daddy went back to his swim, and tanning session.  He ordered cocktail to enjoy ... just like the angmohs. Haha

Mummy managed to catch me at my tennis session.

Since this was our last day, and we had a ferry to catch at 245 pm, I left the mini club at 11 am to take a shower, and pack our luggages.  We went to check out, and rested in the lounge before going for lunch at 12 pm.  And Daddy ordered the cocktail of the day at the bar.  They served kiddy mocktails too ....

While we were having lunch at the restaurant, we saw there were some great activities at the pool. The theme of the day happened to be sports competition.  So lunch time, there was going to be a water basketball competition.  And the GOs put on a performance before the competition started.  If only we did not have to leave, Dady would have joined in the fun


After lunch, we gathered at the lobby to wait for our bus to bring us to the ferry terminal.  And I was relunctant to part with Sun jie-jie who took good care of me at the Mini Club

And a funny parting shot

And I got a certificate from Suki jiejie for being a wonderul member of the Mini Club during my stay at ClubMed

The journey back was pretty smooth, and we reached home at about 530 pm.  We enjoyed ourselves a lot during this trip, especially me at the Mini Club, where I made international friends, and played games that I have not tried out before. And in fact, Daddy gained about 1.5 kg from this trip ... too much eating and drinking, and too much relaxing .... looks like it would be hard for Daddy to burn off the extra kgs !!!

Conclusion of ClubMed : Highly personalized service and quality at the resort.  Nice environment and definitely a place that we would consider going back if we just want to relax and gain weight.  Possibly try out ClubMed Cherating at Kuantan, since that is the largest ClubMed in Asia, or perhaps a cruise (since I have not tried out cruise before).

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