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Monday, October 1, 2012

ESRC Charity Run 2012

The annual ESRC charity run was held on Saturday 29 Sep evening near Gardens By the Bay.  At first, everyone thought it was to run around the gardens, but realized not so .... was separated by the river on the other end.

Nevertheless, it was the first evening run by EM, and it was for charity.  Daddy took a photo with some of his colleagues before the run.  The warm up session was really great, with the organizers leading the Gangnam style dance.

Daddy took part in the 5 km run, and he managed to achieve 26 mins timing.  Any time faster, he would just lie down on the floor .... and after the run, another photo shoot with his colleagues .... they ran faster than him (20 mins, 22 mins) .... gosh

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