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Monday, October 15, 2012

ClubMed Bintan Trip - Day 2

Since I had to report to the mini club at 830-845 am, I woke up at 7 am to catch breakfast early.  I can spend a long time eating ... haha.

Day 2 activity started wth us trying out the flying trapeze !! Yes, you heard that right ... the same flying trapeze that Daddy tried out the previous day.  Mummy went for her yoga at 9 am, so Daddy stayed with me just to make sure I was OK for the flying trapeze.  The previous night, Daddy and Mummy already prep me for this, by showing me Daddy's video ...

See all ready to go.  I was the first one to go up ... and when Daddy asked me if I had gone for my practice, I told him no ... and Daddy was like ...WOW .... more gungho than him. Haha

After my try at the flying trapeze, I told Daddy it was quite scary, especially when the GO let go of me. Haha.  Decided to go for tightrope walking instead ... less scary than the flying trapeze ... haha

Daddy managed to convince me to go for another try.  But still scary leh ... haha.  After the flying trapeze activity, it was time for me to try out tennis at the indoor sports hall.  Daddy decided not to follow me (since I was comfortably settled in at the mini club) and went for his gym and run instead.  So no photos or video of me.  I had pool activity again after my tennis session.

Lunch time came, and I ate with all my friends at the restaurant, while Daddy and Mummy went for lunch by themselves.  The entire stay at ClubMed was pretty personalized and comfortable.  In fact, the previous night dinner, one of the GO came and join us.  He chatted with us, making us feel comfortable, and we asked questions about ClubMed etc ....

However, Day 2 weather was bad.  Rained during lunch time, and then the sun was out.  Mummy booked a 2.5 hrs spa therapy, while Daddy decided to hit the pool again.  Been a long time since Daddy had a good swim.  But after 45 mins or so, the rain came back again, so Daddy decided to stay in the lounge and enjoy his cocktails and snacks .... and this time, he ordered an apple martini, tasted very good.  Archery lessons were also cancelled since it was raining.  There were some indoor activities, but Daddy decided to give it a miss and went back to our room.  Long time since he did nothing and relaxed. Haha

At 4 pm, the mini club had a special event, and it was boat making activity.  Daddy went to take a peek to see how I was doing ....

The boat that I made with another Korean friend, with the help of Sun jie-jie.  See our names printed on the boat, and we called the boat "2 Princesses" !!!

Daddy and I went back to our room, bathed me, and then as usual, I took a power nap.  Mummy back from recharged from her spa session, and we were all ready to go for dinner.  In fact, there were different themes every night, and that night happened to be "Pink and Black" dress code.  I happened to have my pink polo tee, and very dark jeans ... so could fit the dress code ...haha.  Another GO came and join us for dinner.

And after dinner at 8 pm, it was special mini club event again.  Remembered the boat that we made in the day time.  It was time to sail our boats and see which boat reached the finishing line the first.  See all our boats on display

Me and my korean friend holding onto our boat.

Before the boat competition, some stretching exercises and we had 2 dances to keep us awake and ready for the competition

Then the competition started ... unfortunately, our boat was off-centered so it sank very early in the competition.  Luckily Suki jie-jie helped us "push" the boat to the finishing line. 

In the end, winner had a certificate and medals, while the rest had certificates as well.

And we finished off with a last dance, before heading back to our rooms.

Getting ready for the 3rd day of adventure, after a good night rest

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