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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Discharged !!!

Thought I can be discharged on Sat but on Fri night, I had fever spike to 37.8 degC so the doctor decided to keep me for another day so that I can be given antibiotic.  Since I am allergic to a certain type of antibiotic (which happened to be an effective antibiotic), I had to given another type of antibiotic, which therefore would take more time for me to recover.

So throughout my stay, Kopitiam and Mr Bean became my favourite places to take a stroll (the doctor told us that walking around would help to get my phlegm out). 

Insisted on Daddy to take a photo with Mr Bean as well

Did not have fever since Sat evening and off on paracetamol since then. Doctor came on Sunday morning, and gave the clear signal that I can be discharged !!! Still have cough with phlegm, but the doctor said this is normal and should go away after few days.

After 7 days of hospital food, we decided to skip the lunch at the hospital, and I had my favourite Japanese food ... simple ramen and sushi !!! And I almost finished the ramen and all the sushi !!!

Hooray .... that means I can go back to school on Monday ... super excited

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