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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fun Day with 姑姑

On the day of my graduation concert, I was supposed to reach Jubilee Hall at 6 pm, so I did not need to go to school in the morning.  Since it was also 姑姑 birthday that day, she took leave and decided to spend the day with me.

So 姑姑 took me to Orchard in the morning to spend a fun day with me.  Lunch time shall be at Paragon, and my favourite Japanese food !!!

See the wonderful spread for lunch !!

And after a sumptuous lunch, it was time to do some exercise and take some photos

Wow, full of yummy chocolates !!!

And the last stop at Toys R Us .... watch me the Little Miss Spidey

After that, we went home so that I can catch my afternoon nap, before Daddy came to fetch me for my graduation concert .  Was a really fun morning that I spent with 姑姑.

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