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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hundred Kisses

This is my story on Hundred Kisses

On the first day that Daddy went on his night shift, I asked Daddy what time he would be back home.  When Daddy said he was not sure, maybe 4 am, then I went "WOW" !!! Like I knew what that meant ... haha

So when I woke up at 11 pm for my night pee, I asked for Daddy again just to see if he was back.  Mummy told me not yet, so I told Mummy that must ask Daddy to give me a kiss when he was back.  And at about 4 am or so, I so happened woke up again .... haha.  And I remembered to ask for Daddy again.  But Daddy was still not back.

So I told Mummy that Daddy definitely must give me a hundred kisses even when I was sleeping soundly.  And when Daddy reached home, he did give me a hundred kisses on my cheeks ....

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