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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Graduation Souvenirs

My school gave each of the graduands a big pack of graduation souvenirs.  So the next morning, I opened the pack with Daddy and Mummy.

First, the graduand ring .... in a very nice box

And now I have my own ring, which is of big significance to me

My graduation photo, nicely framed up by the school

And a note from the Principal

 And the best part has to be this 2013 calendar, with various photos of me every month

A scrapbook with information and well wishes from my good friends that I have made in school. Contains a list of contact and addesses that we can still keep in touch in future. 


Graduation photo again .... in a nice portfolio

A CD recording that we made for our graduation concert.  And Daddy and Mummy can listen out for the solo singing that I had.  In fact, I could also sing all the other songs in the CD

And also a red backpack that I can use for outings in future ....

Simply love my K2 graduation souvenirs !!!! Something that I will treasure along the way

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