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Monday, January 23, 2012

CNY - 大年初一

On 大年初一, I woke up at about 830 am since I slept pretty late the night before.  Had milk and then I changed into my new dress that Daddy and Mummy had bought for me. Wore the duckling necklace that 叔叔 bought for me as my birthday gift.

And then we were ready to go to 爷爷 and 奶奶 place to 拜年.  Each of us wore clothes which had some red pattern on them .... Daddy wore a red shirt, while Mummy had a red skirt. 

奶奶 made some yam cake for breakfast for all of us.  And then it was feasting time !!! Had quite a lot of new year cookies and goodies.  Then it was again playtime with 姑姑 and 叔叔, while 奶奶 prepared lunch.  The tradition for the Kuan family is that lunch on the first day of new year is always vegetarian, and that suited me a lot .... I can eat vegetarian meals everyday, with no problem at all. Haha

After lunch, I took some photos

Taking a photo with the plants and windmill before we left for 公公 place.

See, 奶奶 helped to do some decorations around the lift since the lift was shared only between 2 families ... almost like a private lift. May all fortune fall on all who come to visit the 2 families !!! Haha. 

Then we went to 公公 place to 拜年.  舅舅, 舅母 and 表妹 went to Johor to 拜年, so there was no one to play with me.  While the adults were chatting, I was happily doing my drawing ...
Then 太姨婆 came along, and together, we went to Vivocity sinec Daddy and Mummy wanted to go to Giant and Cold Storage to do some more groceries, to prepare a sumptuous lunch for 初二 aka 开年. All throughout the outing, I was sticking close to 太姨婆 and she was making me so happy ..... see how heartily all of us were ....


Managed to complete our groceries shopping by 815 pm, and then we headed back home.  Awaiting for the following day, when I will have lots of company and good food !!!

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