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Friday, January 13, 2012

School Excursion to Chinatown

As part of CNY celebration and learning experience, my school organized an excursion to Chinatown on Friday.  Each of us was given $3 by our parents for the excursion, and the intent was for us to buy something during our excursion ... to understand the concept of money and also, bask in the festive mood.

So when Daddy came to fetch me after school, I was so excited telling him what I have seen during the excursion.

Told Daddy that I saw a super duper L....O....N....G queue outside a shop that sells 肉干. Was rather dramatic, with lots of gesturing using my hands, while I described.  Daddy was pretty amused by my actions and guessed it should be 林志源.  Also told Daddy I saw a dragon (fake one), and also 2 财神爷.  Daddy was wondering why there were 2 instead of 1 ....

I also told Daddy about the bus trip, when the bus went into an underpass which was dark, all the kids just screamed for fun .... cos it was very dark .... Daddy can imagine the bus must be really noisy and pity the teachers. Haha

So when it was time for us to buy some CNY merchandise back home, I chose the following.  A bottle of CNY goodies, strawberry yoghurt, jelly, and a pair of special chopsticks.

Have my surname imprinted on the chopsticks. Going to use that as my designated chopsticks for all my meals in future !!!

Look forward to more school adventures !!!!

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