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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Magic Worm

We were shopping at Vivocity when I saw this man performing tricks with his magic worm. The worm just moved from one hand to the other, danced inside the cup, and even jumped over to my shoulder and back to him. Daddy was trying hard to decipher and magic trick (since this was the first time he saw that). Mummy thought she saw a very thin string attached to the worm, but because we were standing relatively far from the man, we could not confirm the presence of the string. Daddy thought it must be something more complex than a string ...

So Daddy bought a few, since it was the festive season, for me to give to some of my friends. And upon opening the package, Daddy laughed like he has not laughed before .... kenna tricked !!! Mummy was right, a very very thin black string attached to the worm. Because the man was wearing black, the string was invisible to the audience, and the audience was not standing near him (he said he needed space to do the magic trick) .....

So the surprise element vanished ... but to me, it was still magical. So 姑姑 taught me how to perform the magic trick in 30 mins, and when Daddy and Mummy came home, I proudly showed them I could also perform the magic trick !!!

Dun believe me ??? See this ....

Daddy and Mummy were impressed that I could actually learn the trick within 30 mins.  Not perfect, but good enough for a 5 year old kid

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