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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Special Homemade 肉干

This year, Mummy decided to try her hands at making 肉干 for CNY.  She searched through the Internet for recipes, before she decided on one.

Went shopping for the ingredients ...  1kg of fresh pork can make about 700g of the end product, and it all cost only about $10 !!! Because our oven is small, so Mummy had to make a few batches, but within 2 hrs, the product was out !!!

Does it look like what you get in the shops..... the taste was quite like the real thing, and its very moist. Actually its very moist cos its grilled in the oven so all the meat are being grilled in their own juice. The commercial ones are grilled in an open grill so the juice can drip down. So Mummy reckon that it can't be kept long (and of course its preservatives free).

Its actually quite easy to make.... So Mummy is making them in small batches and going to do it again nearer CNY so that I can have preservatives and colouring free 肉干 :)

独一无二的肉干 !!! Yummy and healthy


  1. hi, you may not know me, but i do read your blog regularly, as I also have a 5yr old girl :)
    I like your home made bah kwa, can u send me the recipe? my email is sersheuetyng@gmail.com