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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twister Fun

My friend bought me the game called Twister as my birthday present .... so I decided to take it out and play with Daddy.

After Daddy has read the instructions, he told me how to play and we started the game.  Initially it was fun, but then because of some imbalancing act, I knocked my head against the floor ... and I really cried !!!

But because I wanted to continue to play the game, my crying stopped after 2 mins, and my pain subsided ... the power of play !!!! Mummy was the referee, and she gave the instructions ... Daddy allowed me to cheat a little by letting me sit on the floor, since my legs and hands are not as long as his .... but I am super flexible. Haha.  In the end, I still lost.

Next round, Daddy decided to challenge himself by doing all the weird stunts !!! And in the end, he ended up twisted in all corners and lost the game to me !!! Hooray !!!

Next time, I shall find opponents of my size and see who wins in this game of Twister.  If not, shall impose some rules on the adults so that they do not have the easy way out .... But for now, I simply love Twister ... a game that allows me to show my flexibility. Haha

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