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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mummy's reflections on my first 5 years

As cliche as it sounds, but time really just flew past. Has it really been 5 years since our little princess entered our lives? From the health scares during pregnancy (yes, Mummy had HFMD with you inside!), to the multiple food allergies, and the prolonged food strikes, everything still feels like it just happened yesterday. Everytime people ask why I don't have a second child, I always say that I am traumatized by your allergies and food strike to have the courage for a second one. While it is true that I don't have the courage to go for a second one because of these 2 factors, Mummy has been extremely proud of you.

From young, you have been a very smiley baby. Mummy and Daddy call you 快乐小宝宝. As you grow, you continue to be jovial, outgoing and enjoy every minute of your life. You have always been very mature, independent and sociable. You seldom throw tantrums, and even if you do, they always end very quickly. Whenever your requests are rejected by Daddy/Mummy, you will mostly accept it without any issue, although you will show your disappointment. You are also full of self confidence. You have no problem adapting to new environment and people. You thrived in childcare, and did not cry from day 1. You are able to make new friends quickly in public playgrounds, with children of various nationalities and races, in under 5 minutes without Daddy/Mummy's intervention! You are also able to charm adults into giving you little gifts, like the teddy bear from an Uncle in the car park (which we do not know), the chocolates that the "Today" news paper auntie brought specially for you, to the braised duck auntie that gave you a free braised egg just earlier today, Mummy is happy that you are well liked by adults and children alike.

Although you are the youngest in class, you never had any problems academically or socially. You are such a chatterbox, you really talk non-stop. But Mummy is glad that you have learnt that there are times that Mummy needs to talk to Daddy and cannot give you the attention, and you have learnt to wait for us to finish our conversation before cutting in (although Mummy understands that at times, you are so excited, you just can't wait to share your thoughts with us).

Although you are still very picky with food, but Mummy is aware that you are putting in effort to at least eat some even if its food that you don't like. (ok ok, I know you absolutely hate tomatoes, Mummy will not make you eat them ok?). You favourite food are tamago sushi, teriyaki salmon, onigiri, udon, soba. That's why Mummy always say you are born in the wrong country.

Your favourite character now is Princess, any princess. You always want to be a princess. But in Daddy/ Mummy's heart, you are our Princess, now and forever.

There are people who have asked Mummy if she ever regretted leaving her career to take care of you. Mummy's immediate answer is always no, not for a moment. Despite all the difficulties in taking care of you, plus the career sacrifices that Mummy had to make, Mummy and Daddy are very proud that you have turned out to be the confident, empathic, sensible, independent, sociable and jovial girl that you are today.

For the record, at 5 years old, you weigh 18 kg (slightly above 50th percentile) and is 115cm tall (90th percentile).


  1. 18kg and 115cm.... sighhhh... (looking at my 5 yo..) :P

    happy new year :P

  2. Auntie SW

    Its ok lah, Kate Jie Jie is petite mah, just like you :) She has also grown up a lot.
    Happy new year to everyone at home :)