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Friday, January 6, 2012

最佳辩论员 Part 2

Daddy and Mummy have always felt that I am the 最佳辩论员.  They labelled me as that last year in Apr.  And now, I showed them I remained as the 最佳辩论员 again.

My first soft toy that accompanied me to bed every night was this cute little Monkey that Daddy and Mummy bought for me, when they wanted me to sleep by myself, without patting me.  And from then on, I clung onto my favourite Monkey everynight without fail.  Even had Monkey accompany me on several of my vacation trips (he took airplanes as well !!!)

Then came along Princess that Daddy and Mummy bought for me from Build-A-Bear.  And yes, I admitted that I 喜新厌旧 ... clung onto Princess, and started bringing Princess to my vacation trips .... but then, I still loved Monkey even though I admitted (shyly) that I 喜新厌旧. 

And then Cho jie-jie bought me this Hello Kitty soft toy as my Christmas present last year.  And again, the 喜新厌旧 thingy kicked in.  I clung onto her every night as my bedtime companion.  Then Mummy asked me why I 喜新厌旧 everytime I have a new soft toy. 

I looked at Mummy and told her that I did not 喜新厌旧 at all.  The only reason that I clung onto Kitty every night is to make her feel at home .... she is a new member of my soft toy family, and she would be very scared if I do not cling onto her, and shower her with love.  Just doing my duty as a big sister, just like another other new friend who joins my class.  Mummy cannot find any fault with my reasoning at all ... haha


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